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Bible Prophecies (Claimed)

Christianity believes the Bible is packed with prophecies because it is God’s Word, and he knows the future. I this article, I shall address supposed biblical prophecies claimed by Christian denominations and determine whether they are genuine. I think the examples of biblical prophecies Jehovah’s Witnesses give in their book The Bible: God’s Word orContinue reading “Bible Prophecies (Claimed)”

Bible Prophecies (Textual)

Bible Prophecies (Textual) Whenever I ask Bible inerrancy believers why they think the Bible is God’s Word, their answer is invariably because of the prophecies contained in it: of course, they mean prophecies that have supposedly transpired. This article is intended to validate, or reject, this claim from the evidence concerning these so-called ‘prophecies.’ MostContinue reading “Bible Prophecies (Textual)”

Consciousness (Self-Awareness)

So far, scientists have no clue what causes consciousness: that ‘little person’ inside your brain ‘telling’ you who you are, what you’re doing, and where everything else is. Mainstream science claims it’s the unavoidable consequence of the complexity of the brain. But is it? From our experience, do complex computers or robots become conscious? AbsolutelyContinue reading “Consciousness (Self-Awareness)”

End Times

Assuming the alleged prophecy in the Old Testament book of Daniel, Jesus thought the kingdom of God would transform the world, as we know it, and start a ‘new age.’ Moreover, he thought this was going to happen within his generation, by 100 CE, say. As it turned out, however, he was wrong by twoContinue reading “End Times”

Son of Man

If you were to ask a Christian, or rather a gospel-reading Christian, who the ‘Son of Man’ is, invariably, you will get the answer that he is Jesus. As this article will show, what is surprising is that the very early Christians did not believe that Jesus was the Son of Man. In fact, oneContinue reading “Son of Man”

Kingdom of God/Heaven

In his book Did Jesus Exist? New Testament scholar Bart Ehrman explains how the phrase kingdom of God is used in the New Testament: it might be a little surprising to some readers; he writes, “When people today hear the term kingdom of God, they typically think of heaven, as the place where souls goContinue reading “Kingdom of God/Heaven”


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