My name is Carmel Paul Attard. I was educated by Jesuits, and I also became a Jesuit for over six years. I have a bachelor of science degree in physics and mathematics and I taught the subjects at advanced/college level for over five years. I am also a Bible enthusiast, and my main interest is how God, the Bible, and Christianity relate to science and reason.

I self-published three books: Is God a Reality?—A Scientific Investigation, Is the Bible Infallible?—A Rational, Scientific, and Historical Evaluation, and Faith and Reason: Disturbing Christian Doctrines.

Is God a Reality? Full Cover

Is God a Reality? was published in February 2017.

Is the Bible Infallible? Full Cover

Is the Bible Infallible? was published in September 2019.

Faith and Reason. Full Cover

Faith and Reason was published in December 2020.

More detailed discussions of my blogged articles are normally found in my books.

Comments and insights are always welcome, even if in disagreement. I shall do my best to discuss them cordially. You can reach me personally at

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